Annyeonghaseyo, yorobun ..! 


Welcome to my blog, by the way jeoneun kath~imnida! I'm a K-Pop Lover and I will tour you first on my profile. ^.~


NAME : Kathleen Evangelista Cabang
Age : 19
DATE OF BIRTH : 10 December 1993
COURSE : Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

SKILLS : Drawing, Dancing, Creating Graphics, Creative Artworks, Can memorize Korean Lyrics (*∩_∩*) even though I can't understand lol xD,

HOBBIES : Fangirling, Net Surfing, Drawing pictures of my bias, reading FanFics (A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including books, television programs, films, and comic strips.) and listening to music (kpop music)^^.

LIKES : Fashion, K-POP MV, K-Dramas and J-Dramas, puppy, kittens, horror movies etc.

PERSONALITY : When she is quiet, she is extremely quiet, silent type of person, like k-pop a lot ^_^. Does his best in everything. Doesn’t like to fight.

          I really love music, it brightens up my day everyday.It is a great way to express myself. Being a shy person, it is something I can use to communicate with someone. K-POP music rock my world, its like a virus that i can't get rid of. BIGBANG
B1A42NE1, my three favorite group among other K-POP group. I love their songs, the beat, tunes and also the meaning of it. 

               I listen to kpop everyday and it just occurred to me why do i like them so much even though i don't even understand it? d(♪_♪)b perhaps the beats? the tune? the way how the language flows? I love Kpop  because it's a refreshing change from American music.  

     Even when you can't understand it, there's always translations to the lyrics and once you find out what it is, there is a lot of meaning. The lyrics and melody can be very emotional, you don't even have to understand the language to know how the music sets the mood. The beats and rhythm are very unique, the really upbeat songs always make me want to dance...

   (even though I suck a lot xD)! 

            And what makes Kpop the most awesomest in my opinion are the groups/members!! They are very talented and committed to their work. They are so good-looking too lol ^^ and have the coolest personalities. They are so inspirational too, music can do a lot of things 

            Language doesn't stop us fans from loving Kpop lol, and many of us are 100% devoted to supporting our favorite Kpop groups! I think it's So amazing that it can bridge the gap between cultures as well!

            Yeah I guess it's obvious I'm a crazy fan of K-POP hehe ^^; I still have zillions (not really lol) of other reasons why,

  I love Kpop.   

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