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G-Dragon (Kwon Ji yong) 지드래곤


             G-Dragon is the leader and producer of BIGBANG. He has produced a lot of hit songs for BIGBANG, such as ´Lies´, ´Last Farewell´, ´Haru Haru´, and ´Tonight´. Cultivating the ability as a trainee of YG Entertainment from the age of 13, G-Dragon has grown to become a main producer at YG and contributed to much of the success of BIGBANG. His first solo album released in 2009 made album record sales of up to 300,000 discs and demonstrated his unlimited potential as a solo singer. He also maintained the largest sales record as a sole male singer for that year. His sense of fashion also attracts attention in addition to his music. Outfits, shoes and accessories worn by G-Dragon on stage are instantly sold out or bring in copy products, demonstrating his power as a trendsetter for the fashion industry. In addition, G-Dragon is also loved overseas as he is the only person selected as “50 Reasons Why Seoul is the Best City” by CNN.



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