B1A4 비원에이포 


B1A4 debuted on April 21, 2011 with their debut track 'O.K' off of their album 'Let's Fly' and released a music video. They were first introduced to the world through the creative marketing of webtoons before their actual pictures were released. Their debut album 'Let's Fly'. They made their live debut on April 23, 2011 on MBC's Music Core.Their group name, B1A4, has been explained as being due to one member having B blood type, and the other four having A blood type. It also stands for "Be The One, All For One".

 The members of B1A4 were first introduced via webtoons before their actual pictures were released. Their first EP Let's Fly was released on April 21, 2011 and includes a song written and composed by the member Jinyoung called 'Bling Girl'. On the same day, the music video for their lead single "O.K" was released. Two days later, they made their live debut on MBC's Show! Music Core. Over the week of May 1, 2011, they were a guest on Starry Night radio.

On June 22, 2011, the first episode of MTV's Match Up! was aired, featuring Block B and B1A4. The first episode revealed B1A4's music video for their follow-up promotions "Only Learned the Bad Things." The show allows both groups to show off their musical talents and unseen charms through weekly missions and behind-the-scenes footage of their daily lives as newcomers to the Korean pop scene. The program has 8 episodes in total.

On September 16, 2011, B1A4 returned with their second EP, It B1A4 and started promoting the lead single "Beautiful Target". An MV teaser for "Beautiful Target" was leaked on their official youtube channel on September 8th, and the full MV released on September 15th. An alternate version of the MV "Beautiful Target (ZOOM ZOOM ver.)" was released on October 6th.


On November 18, 2011, B1A4 had their follow-up promotions for their second EP, It B1A4 with their second song "My Love" and started their promotions in various music programs starting from the said date.

By the end of the year and the start of 2012, they are set to debut in Japan and will have a showcase in the said country on December, 09, 2011 under Pony Canyon. It has been reported that they gained a lot of interests since the tickets for their showcase were sold in one minute after its release. They are set to release an album in Japan on January 25, 2012.

Korean Mini Album(s):

- Let's Fly
released: April 21st 2011 (6 tracks)

- It
released: September 16th 2011

- Ignition
released: March 14th 2012

- Ignition(Special Edition)
released: May 24th 2012

-In the Wind
released: November 12th 2012

Music Video(s):

- O.K
- Beautiful Target
- Only learned Bad Things
- Baby I'm Sorry
- Baby Good Night
- Tried to Walk


B1A4 (Korean: 비원에이포) is a South Korean quintet boy band. Formed by WM Entertainment in 2011, they made their debut with their release Let's Fly. The band consists of Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU and Gongchan. The group was first introduced through an online comic series, or "webtoon".



Birth Name: Jung Jin Young (정진영)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Born in: 1991.11.18
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 178cm/59kg
Skills: Song writing, singing, acting
Twitter: twitter.com/B1A4_JINYOUNG


Birth Name: Shin Dong Woo (신동우)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Born in: 1991.06.16
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 182cm/64kg
Twitter: twitter.com/B1A4_CNU


Birth Name: Lee Jung Hwan (이정환)
Position: Main Vocalist
Born in: 1992.03.20
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 178cm/62kg
Twitter: twitter.com/SANDEUL920320


Birth Name: Cha Sun Woo (차선우)
Position: Main Rapper
Born in: 1992.09.05
Blood type: B
Height/Weight: 178cm/63kg
Twitter: twitter.com/BARO920905


Birth Name: Gong Chan Shik (공찬식)
Position: Maknae, Vocalist
Born in: 1993.08.14
Blood type: A
Height/Weight: 181cm/60kg
Twitter: twitter.com/B1A4_gongchan



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